I've been so upset I couldn't post until now.

I came home from a family dinner on Sunday night and Delilah was tilting her head to the left. It was obvious that something was wrong. She seemed normal other than that. When we left, she was fine.
I called the vet on Monday morning and they could take her right away. After them running every test in the book, x-rays and a thorough exam, her vet still wasn't sure what was causing the tilt. She is also losing her balance and falling over. She can't jump up on anything so I have to pick her up into the car and on the bed.
She put her on antibiotics and some motion sickness pills. I am hoping and praying it's Vestibular Syndrome which is an inner ear problem. Could be a fluid problem or infection.
Her vet found that her heart is a bit enlarged so they did an ECG on her. It proved her heart is enlarged but all other heart function is fine. All bloodwork came back good.

I've read a million things and most everything says this syndrome mimics a stroke and it's heartbreaking to watch your pet go through such agony. Believe me, heartbreak is my middle name with her being like this. I am beside myself.

If anyone can pray for her I will be eternally grateful.

Her vet recommends an ultrasound. Is anyone familiar with an enlarged heart and know if this is completely necessary? The charge is $350.00 but she is worth every penny if I really need to get it for her. I think I will feel terribly worse if I don't explore everything.

Thanks for the prayers and I would love to know if anyone knows about these conditions.

I am so good at telling everybody else not to beat themselves up but I now know I am crazy to say that to myself. I can't help but wonder what I could have done differently.