I was looking for some information and came across this site--and it's already been helpful!

I have 3 cats and a new puppy. The cats include a 19yo calico named Spot, a 19yo orange tabby named Evan, and an 8yo gray tabby named Ella. They are all wonderful pets, though Evan has recently started showing signs of old age. She doesn't groom herself well anymore and she's going deaf. She's always been a talker, but now she's a REALLY LOUD talker. :-)

About a month ago I got a puppy from the local animal shelter. Best guess is he's a lab/pit mix, but we're not sure about the pit part. He's very sweet, smart and loves to eat. His name is Barney. He gets along well with Spot, but the other two cats are not at all happy about having a puppy in the house. Barney's not aggressive, but he does want to play, so he likes to jump around in front of them with his tail in the air and bark. And he's not easily discouraged.

I look forward to getting to know all of you and your pets.

I'll post some pics soon.