Hello - I am new to this forum and wondered if anyone has used Clomicalm for cat separation anxiety? In fact, is "Clomicalm" the actual name of the med, or is it called "prozac"? We have tried prozac before but that did not work. We also tried Feliway, Rescue Remedy, all sorts of herbal things. Basically, we used to have 3 cats, and 2 have since passed away (old age). Our 9 yr old now gets stressed out when we leave for vacation. She is Ok for about 2 days, then she just gets absolutely stressed out and pee's and poo's outside the box anywhere (not medical issue). We keep her in a very large cage when we leave now. I'm thinking maybe Clomicalm will reduce her anxiety while we are gone. I realize we likely would have to get her on it for a time before we leave, and maybe just keep her on a low dose indefinitely if it works and no side effects.