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Thread: Is your cat crazy for balloons too?

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    Is your cat crazy for balloons too?

    my one cat Simply Divine doesn't care for balls much but she goes crazy with balloons, it always makes me chuckle and I can't believe she hasn't popped one yet[email protected]/4879446997/

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    Oh what fun!

    Yes, I would have expected her to break it, those nail, you know? That is great!

    I used to buy a helium balloon with a long string for Sparkle, now and then. She loved to bite the string and go runnin through my apartment with the balloon bouncing off the walls behind her. Once it "sank," she wasn't interested in it, though.

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    Awee how so neat watching this baby play with balloons.. I would have never thought of it.. Cute Cute

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    Cute. Just adorable. My cat'll play with the Harris Teeter Harry happy dragon balloons my daughter gets.

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