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Thread: Beware of Breeder

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    Beware of Breeder

    Just dropping in to share this hilarious blog with all of you!

    It's a collection of the worst breeder advertisements out there.
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    This is sort of like bad_riding for dog breeders!

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    OMG jessie lol I dind't know you were a member here lol

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    Hi Jesse!
    I have a HUGE SIG!!!!

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    ewwww. That poor white great dane puppy with the yellowed legs. Makes me want to hunt these people down and remove them from society.
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    Sad thing is I see posters like that all the time on our bulletin board at work all the time. *sigh*

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    I do not find that site hilarious in the least.

    I find it terribly sad.

    Guess I've been doing rescue way too long, but I cannot find humor in BYBs and dogs living and breeding in filth.
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    Ummmm....these people don't look like professional breeders at all....the pictures remind me of puppymills.

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    They aren't supposed to be good breeders. That's why it's called Beware of Breeder.

    There are 2 educational sections on there as well... about finding a responsible breeder, and adopting a dog.
    Owned by 4 chihuahuas and a border collie!

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