I have a few questions regarding care of the leopard gecko we got last week and I know there are a lot of people here who are experienced at caring for reptiles.

1. Is it possible to over-feed a leopard gecko?

Coconut (the gecko) will eat all of the food he is offered (even dead crickets). We've been feeding him a mixture of meal worms and "gut-loaded" crickets. I've been giving him about 5-6 meal worms and 3-4 crickets/day. I want to make sure I'm giving him enough but not too much- I think he's probably about 4 months old. Also, should I offer him more if he seems hungry?

2. How often should you wash the reptile carpet?

We've been removing droppings as soon as we see them, but how often should we actually remove the carpet and clean it?

Thanks for your help! We are out of batteries at the moment, but as soon as we get some of the camera I'll post some pictures. Coconut is quite cute.