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Thread: Playful Husky (Bear Bear) KILLED inside Dog Park by armed Federal Officer

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    Playful Husky (Bear Bear) KILLED inside Dog Park by armed Federal Officer

    Can't believe this hasn't received Pet Talk notice, so here goes >>>

    Good coverage on Facebook here >>>!/group.php...42682469089848

    USA Today coverage >>>

    Cyber-Sibes Blog (by Pet Talk's own *Pat, Jack, and Miss Moo*) >>>
    * Coverage of the tragic event, and
    * A excellent How-To for handling a dog fight!
    * Pat's Blog is a Must-Read!!

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    Talked about it with co-workers at lunch sad!!!!

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    It's horrible, I hope they discipline him, and at least take away his firearms.
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    The thing I read that just sticks in my head was when Bear-Bear's young boy ran over to the officer and said "did you shoot him with a taser?" He must have been so scared

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    What a sad story. Anyone who knows huskies or has been around huskies knows that they can sound really vicious when playing. I was listening to my "pack" this morning and it sounded like a dog fight out there but I knew it wasn't, they just sound mean, nobody was getting hurt. I've had multiple times when people asked me if I needed help breaking up a dog fight when my dogs are playing haha. So sad, who brings out a gun in a community dog park, give the owner a chance to break it up. I wonder if the german shepherd even had any wounds on it.

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    like I said on FB.. I canīt believe the poor poor judgment of this "officer"..

    not only for killing a playing dog.. but carrying a gun in a park with kids and such.. what he did was outrageous.. and he couldīve have done more harm to people around.. what an a$$..

    I also read that Bear Bearīs owner was threatened to be tased if she approached her dying dog.... really.. WT* is wrong with these people

    he not only need to be removed of his guns.. he needs disciplinary action as well.. I donīt want to think how he treats person conflicts..
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    Amy, it's not just huskies. My two sound like they are killing each other sometimes. My neighbor made a comment "your dogs really like to play, don't they?" I can imagine what she must have thought the first time she heard it.
    I haven't read this incident yet. I think I'll wait until I'm at home.
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    I hope the public outcry brings some justice for poor Bear Bear, what a horrible tragic story

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