Lacey has left us for the Rainbow Bridge. She was PTS this afternoon. Her back legs just didn't have anything left in them. She was the first furkid I ever had to have PTS who wasn't 'sick'. As some of you may remember, she had surgeries on both of her back knees when she was 4 and 5. They held up a long time until recent years, continuing to get weaker.
I know in my heart she's at the Bridge with her best buddy Mandy. I can see them running and playing together. Lacey's legs are new again and Mandy no longer has a bad heart. This brings me peace.
The house won't be the same without her after 10 years of her ruling the roost. She kept all the 'young uns' in line. Have fun with Mandy at the Bridge Lacey. You and your beautiful brown eyes will be sadly missed.
We all love you. 7/20/00-7/30/10

a younger Lacey

first picture

with her buddy Mandy