I haven't posted in this thread before now, but I have been following Halo's story. I'm so sorry to read the latest update - I truly had hoped that by some miracle, she would be able to beat the odds of this terrible disease. I have never had any animals of mine chipped, and after reading this account, I probably never will.
Don't blame yourself - you had no way of knowing this would happen. It's tough, when we do what we think is a good thing for our furkids, and it backfires. I just went thru a situation with Myndi - I was giving her baby aspirin (ok'ed by her vet), for her arthritis, and she developed a GI bleed that nearly killed her, and of course I blamed myself for it.
Enjoy the time you have left together. I pray that she still has quality time left, and that she won't suffer, but I also know that you won't let it come to that.
Give that pretty girl some gentle hugs and kisses from me please.
Sending prayers of comfort to Halo and to you as well...........