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Thread: Sweet, Snuggly, Alabama (8/00-7/15/10)

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    I'm so sorry that there couldn't have been a happier outcome. As difficult as it may be, rejoice in the knowledge that Allie is now whole and happy once again, and free from pain. Picture her running thru the beautiful meadows with all her new found friends and chasing butterflies, or perhaps sunning herself in the warm sunshine.

    Sending you and Jonah peaceful and healing thoughts and prayers, that you may soon remember sweet, snuggly Allie with smiles and laughter, and not the tears and sadness that you have now.

    RIP Allie girl, and {{{HUGS}}} and comfort to those you had to leave behind for a little while. You will all meet again, so it's not "good-bye" - just "so long" for now.
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    I am so sorry to read about Allie. I know that both you and Jonah will miss her deeply, but she is watching over you right now and will come to snuggle with you in your dreams.

    She is now happy and healthy waiting for the two of you up at the RB

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    I'm so sorry about Allie. She was a beloved furgirl.
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    so sorry it ended like this... but like you said she spent her last moments with the people she loved and loved her back... you did all you could and I know she´s grateful for that.. now she´ll be watching over you from the RB with a kitty smile..

    RIP Allie
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    There are no words to take the pain away. I so wish there was because I'd repeat them to myself over and over.

    Hugs to you and especially to Jonah. I hope he's doing okay.

    RIP Allie
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    Rest in peace Allie

    I am so sorry to hear Allie has gone to the Bridge. You certainly gave it your all. I hope her many memories will comfort you. It was her time.


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    Oh Johanna, I'm sorry to be reading this, but I'm glad Allie is no longer in pain. The both of you put up the good fight, but Allie was too weak to keep up.

    Sleep tight, sweet Allie, and watch over your momma from the Bridge.
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    My heart aches for you Joh. Close your eyes, feel our hugs, feel our love and feel our prayers coming through.

    RIP sweet Allie. You are free now and in a much better place than us here on earth.

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    Many of us here have felt your pain. We are crying with you and hoping you will be smiling soon when you think of dear Allie. It is so darn awful when they leave us, isn't it!! Sending you love and hugs!
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    Oh no. I'm so sorry to hear that beautiful Allie has gone. She was far too young. My thoughts are with you and Jonah tonight.

    Rest in peace sweet, snuggly Alabama.

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    I am so very sorry that Allie is gone. She tried her best, and so did you
    Johanna. She is at peace now, no more pain. Hugs for you & for Jonah too.
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    Tears from over here. I didn't want to see this thread.

    Many, many hugs going out to your household.
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    My deepest sympathy, Johanna and Jonah, for your heartbreaking loss of Allie.
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    Sending my thoughts and prayers. Allie is thanking you for trying your hardest. And she loves you so much that she knew that it was her time to go. Plus she hated to see you worry over her. She is playing with Tigger and all of the other cats in the Rainbow Bridge waiting patently for the day that its your time to go and then you two would be reunited. But until then, she is watching over you.
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    I am so sorry for your loss.

    Sweet Allie, now you are pain free again. Watch over your family who loved you so much.

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