Our best snuggle girl went to the RB today, after gallantly fighting the good fight. Allie came to us with her brother Dakky, in November, 2000. We always called them the twins, they looked alike. As they grew older, Allie became a person's cat, not a cat's cat. Dakky became fat. She loved us, especially Jonah, very much. Her favorite place to be was in Jonah's room, his crib, his stroller, his carseat- in his lap. I know he will struggle with this as much as I.

Allie loved to snuggle, hated to be held, but would snuggle up with us to her heart's content. She slept with us last night, and I felt her inbetween us for much of it. I am glad her last night was spent with us. We will deeply miss her special ways, and she had many.

Thanks for supporting me through this. It has been a horrible past 15 days.