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Thread: The garden

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    The garden

    How is everyone's garden coming along? I have tons of peppers (banana) and tomotes are finally ripening now in this heat.
    I found black tomatoes are Home Depot that I planted, never had them before. The others I planted from seed.
    Has anyone had the black ones yet?
    I have harvested all my carrots. Might replant now.

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    No I have never seen Black Tomatos.. You will have to take some pics.. Your garden sounds yummy.. Congrats

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    Marigold, I think their is a tomato called a black Cherokee out there. I could be wrong on this one. It would be a heritage seed.

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    I've seen brown tomatoes at Giant Eagle but I can't bring myself to buy them. If they'd sell them individually, I'd buy one but they sell them in a package and if I don't like them, then I'm stuck w/them.

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    Last year I had one plant of a black variety, that I think is called black Krim in English. It is very soft taste, not acidic at all. It was fun trying, but not such a interesting one to eat

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