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Thread: Haircut time again

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    Haircut time again

    It is that time again for me to chop off my hair and send it in for donation. Last time was the Beautiful Lengths program and this time it will be Locks of Love. Today's count was just over 12 inches I am SO much cooler without all of that hair! Plus I think I look more my age It was quite the leap of faith to let someone other than my hairdresser in Ohio cut my hair but this new girl did a great job

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    What a lovely thing to do. And what a beautiful women you are.

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    Thank you
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    Looks great, Missy!
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    I'm about to cut mine off for the 2nd time. I think my local salon donates to "Wigs For Kids" or something like that. My hair's gettin' kinda shaggy, I hope they'll take it. I don't think I can stand it much longer! FYI, I've heard that Locks of Love has been reported as being kinda "shady" by the BBB.

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    lovely cut.. lovely motivation.. lovely hair...

    but... how in the world does your hair grow so much?.. lol.. I struggle to get it a few inches longer.. lol...
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    I have heard the negative reports and that is why I donated to the Beautiful Lengths program last time. This time I am going to hope for the best and give them the benefit of the doubt.

    My hair has always grown quickly and I take no credit for it! Good genes I guess?? My hair care routine consists of washing with Pantene ProV shampoo and conditioner and using a protection spray every time that I apply heat.
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    I can't believe how fast your hair grows, I thought mine grew fast!
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    That's my baby! It really looks great, Missy I LOVE it!!!

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    That was a wonderful thing of you to do!! You look GREAT with your new hair cut!


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    Your new hair cut looks great!!

    I've thought of doing that but I just can't seem to get my hair to grow very fast so when I do cut it I have to be sure it's right. I like to pull my hair back and not fuss with my hair.

    That's a wonderful donation. Do you do this yearly?

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    Looks great! I can't imagine letting my hair get that long. It would take FOREVER!

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    I've donated my hair twice to Beautiful Lengths. First was 8 inches, second was 9.5 inches. Such a wonderful thing to do.. and its so easy!

    Your new style looks really nice!

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