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Thread: Long time no see!!!!

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    Long time no see!!!!

    Hello all!
    Its been a while but thought I would pop by and say hello! Also need to track down someone (put a new thread in general for that!)

    Still running my own catsitting business and its purring along very nicely! very busy and getting a good reputation too! Going into my 5th year and still love it!

    Still married to Rob - 16 years come this November
    We will hopefully get to New Zealand this year - was meant to go last November but Rob collapsed at airport in departure lounge so spent 14 hours in local hospital and then home for our holiday - he is absolutely fine now - just overworked and exhausted and his body had enough!

    Still got the 2 cats Bubble and Squeak
    We now have 6 ferrets! Haggis, Tatties, Neeps, Foxy, Tinkerbelle and Diesel
    Our first ferrets Stanley and Morris are sadly no longer with us

    Hope everyone else is ok and will look forward to catching up!!!

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    Nice to hear from you Mags.

    Absolutely stunned (and mortified) to hear that it has been a year since you had your airport "experience". What can I say? I am a lousy texter - typing with one thumb is such a long-winded faff. So much easier on a keyboard.

    Glad to hear you are keeping well and might get to New Zealand this year. Take loads of photos for us!

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    Well, hello there Mad Mags Moo! It's david P and I'm still here. A few changes in my life, but I'm here at PT! I'm glad you're checking in!

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    Good to hear from you! Glad he's okay now! And welcome back!
    I've Been Frosted

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