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Thread: My cat just got a scab

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    My cat just got a scab

    I have an outdoor cat and I just let her in for the night and I found this bump and I thought it was another tick so i checked it out. Nope. It appears to be a dried blood scab, half the size of a dime. It is on his right top side near his thigh.
    I didn't feel this earlier today. I thought it was a tick so I picked at it and it started bleeding then I stopped messing with it. I'm sure he felt pain because he ran away from me.
    Now, I have this ointment that I got from his vet when he had a abscess on his eye a month ago. The ointment is like Neosporin and works very well. So, I put some ointment on the scab. I will wait for my mom to check it out tomorrow morning.
    He also has a scrape near his nipple. Because he is outside so much he is bound to have more issues.
    I'm pretty sure this is a dried blood scab maybe from another fight-he gets in fights with other cats sometimes. I didn't see any kind of a bug body so I'm sure it's just a scab.
    I don't know how this could have just happened, as he didn't have anything all day. I just felt this 20 min ago.

    If this is a scab, do I keep putting the oinment and check what happens? I'm going to see how it is tomorrow and then I'll see if I need to take him to the vet again.
    It seems like he gets scrapes and scratches every month.
    He has the ointment and a mouth liquid medicine that acts to help cuts too.

    Has anyone else's cat gotten scabs/dried blood and what did you do?

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    Any chance of keeping him inside for a while to make sure it all heals okay?
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    sorry I haven't been here. I kept him inside today because it was so hot. The next day, I didn't see the scab at all. It disappeared. Weird. He seems fine now. Thanks.

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    To be safe, why not make him an inside-only kitty?
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    He has been an outdoor cat for.....since he was a kitten. he BEGS to go out by 5am! the vet said that is because he knows when hunting time is. he chased a fox once! he is an outdoor cat and he is around the raccoons and stuff. Bad, yes-and that means he gets more scratches but I can't change that. He is stubborn.
    He didn't go out all day yesterday because of the heat. Today it'll be over 100 and I don't think he will care to go out. When it's hot he knows not to go outside.
    Sometimes he goes out just to sit and look around. Not to venture out. So, I just let him or else he starts tearing out his fur.

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