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Thread: Does your pet get angry with you

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    Does your pet get angry with you

    for not taking them on vacation with you?

    Definately a plausable question! But you forgot to include one response. . .the one that the crazy lady with 11 birds was looking for. . .

    I don't go on vacation because of my 11 birds or
    I vacation at home

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    Miss Hoppy used to be mad at me, but not Paul - when we left at the same time in the same car! She'd shun me for at least a day most times, whereas he could pet her almost immediately.
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    Smudge is totally laid back about my vacations. But he's laid back about everything - thunderstorms, strangers, he's even OK with the vet (not purring, but not really resisting either). When I put him in his carrier, he'll give a halfhearted attempt to escape, a sad little squeak, and then just deal with it. His sitters always report that he's happy to see them, even independent of the fact that they feed him!

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    My Dog has to travel with me if I'm gone for more then one night due to her allergies & my fear of her dying with me not there to medicate her if she gets into something... Sadly shes that sensitive.

    Cam the cat doesn't care. She just wants loving when I return. The rest of my pets prob didn't notice much, except they get to munch on a block & some strange woman isn't staring at them daily lol

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    Chloe my love... always glad to see me, I am blessed to report. Neither she nor my late Julie ever gave any indication of being angry at me for being gone. I have really been fortunate with both my kitties in so many ways, and I am very thankful.
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    ohh yea! My family recently went to Puerto Rico and my sister came every day to feed my cat and when we got home, we saw hairballs everywhere.
    When he gets stressed, he rips his fur out. Probably not normal but he shows you when he is angry.
    I bought him a cat carrier today so the next time we take a vacation, he is coming with us!
    The only thing is we use American airlines and it's $200.00 for a plane trip so that's why we didn't take him last time.

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    I haven't been away on vacation for quite a while now because I have cats to medicate and now I have a cat on a diet so I'll be doing staycations for quite a while. I also don't have the extra money for one. When I did go away though my cats were always glad to see me when I came home.

    Ziggy is afraid of all humans except for me and my former roommate so if I couldn't get her to come and take care of my cats I fear that Ziggy wouldn't eat and then she'd become sick again.
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    I thought I had replied to this, but I guess not....

    Our first kitty, CK, used to know when we were leaving on vacation. As soon as the door closed, he'd go poop on the fringe of the oriental in the hallway. EVERY time! That was his show of displeasure.

    Our second kitty, Jamara, went bonkers when we got home-ran around like a lunatic.

    Our current kitty, Pinot, is VERY attached to us. When we get home, she'll first lay down for purrs and back scratches, but when that's done, look out! She will go NUTS! She runs and runs, then attacks my ankles, then get the picture. She does get upset when we're gone!

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    Oh yes my Calitt gets mad at me all of the time = if she thinks that she is not the one & only for attention & if she is not the first to get treats.. She is my very first rescued baby So yes she is the Queen Bee & you had better know it.. Now the other babies sometimes get mad at me on diff things = but not often..

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    Yes, definitely!

    She's like Pinot- clearly lets me know that she's glad I am back with her after being away.

    Dear beautiful Ziggy, I am sorry people make you afraid. Please have your meowmie give you a great big hug from me!
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    Lily doesn't really get mad, but she misses me and is always super excited when I come back home.

    Tallulah on the other hand, well, last time I came back from vacation, the first thing she did when I walked in the door was hiss at me, so I'm taking that as an "I'm mad at you for leaving me!!!" reaction .
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    The dogs get to go spend time with my brother and his dogs, so they don't really care. They have lots to distract them while we are gone.

    The cats get to stay home if it's a weekend getaway. But if it's a week long vacation they must go to my moms.
    But Taz used to be mad at us when we got home. He'd want our lovings, but would be a butt about it at the same time.
    Paizly is happy to see us and comes out of her hiding spot quickly to let us pet her.
    Now, we haven't left Jax yet. This year he came with us on our week long vacation and also on a weekend trip. But I can pretty much guess he would be happy to see us. He is very attached to people. He always has to be around people..........ALWAYS. But at least when we leave him he'll be with Paizly. Even though I'm sure Paizly will not be thrilled with that. Hee hee
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    Oh yeah - Myndi and Sparky definitely do. When I go and leave them, even tho son and DIL are here, they won't even eat for the first couple of days that I'm gone. When I do get home, I get the royal greeting from them for a short time, and then they go into their "attitude mode" for a day or so.

    My son's cats get upset when their people leave, even tho I'm here to take care of them. I practically never see them the whole time that their humans are gone, except at feeding time!
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    We never take vacations away from the home due to lack of funding. But there are occasions that we spend a night or two away and the cats are ok with it. One time I did get to go to Minnesota for a weekend and Alison went looking for me according to my mom.She went to my room and came out with a puzzled look.
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