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Thread: Hanna's getting spayed

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    Great News! I don't get to bring home Scout until Friday

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    Yeah Hannie-Bannie! Way to come through like a trooper. Now, really, you should get some rest, and not be so squirrley! Take it easy, let mommy pamper you!

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    Hanna's finally sleeping. I forgot the best part (for me). For a full hour after she got home, it was head bumpies and kisses for ME! She really boosted my ego with her display of how much she missed me and was happy to be home. A few times I thought she had fallen asleep, but after I left her alone I would hear a little worried "mew...mew..." and I'd go back in for more kisses!

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    I'm so glad that Hanna is home now and that her surgery went well.
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