Flo here in the SF Bay Area. I am a professional pet sitter/house sitter in WC where Happy Pets Go with the Flo. I care mostly for small animal. Critters cared for range from a tiny hermit crab to an International Champion Arabian Stallion. Cits 4 Pets was established in 2000.

I own an Arabian mare, Khnights Wyndsong and 6 rats, Cortez-intact male, 33 months, Schnuggles spayed female, 9 months, both reg. eared hoodlums. Have 4 dumbos,, 3 neutered males, Crooked Line (CrookLi), HOGi (Heart of Gold) & Blond Jovi, their spayed sister Ushanka. All live together in harmony in a Critter Nation.

I enjoy riding, music, art and photography.
I will be participating in Pet of the Day since photography is a huge hobby of mine. My profile has my website where my photo galleries are located.
My dumbo rat (in signature) Blond Jovi was Rat Fan Club Rat of the Week and just last week was Super Pet's Facebook Profile Pet of the Week. Might as well try to get him as Pet of the Day! He loves to pose!
Just recently started getting into a bit of photo editing % making themes or skins known as personas for a web browser, many are animal related & all are for use by the general public free.