Hello Friends,

We have a year and a half old, female boxer lab mix. We rescued her when she was 6 weeks old. She is a a puppy with TONS of energy, and we walk her, and play firisbee with her everyday to give her plenty of exercise.

When she was a couple months old, she atrted dispaying food agression around her food bowl, which we are still currently working on.

My husband and I just recently rescued another puppy. He is 4 month old, male, lab-rottweiller mix. He is a very sweet, mellow baby. The exact opposite of our first puppy! We have him now for about 3 weeks. They play and get along really well. Even have slept together in their crate.

The new male puppy is still training in his crate, while our first pup still remains spoiled...no longer needs her crate, and even sleeps in the bed with us at night.

The issue we are having, is the older puppy is now displaying signs of more aggression towards my husband and myself. Moreso towards myself. Would anyone have any insight as to why this may be happening. We are very loving and affectionate with both of the puppies. We are growing concerend with her becoming more aggressive towards us when we try to pet her or snuggle her. She has not bitten either of us, but snarls and growls, and we feel it may only be a matter of time before this progresses.

Any insight or advice would GREATLY be appareciated. Thanks in advance!