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Thread: Chance's Chance

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    Chance's Chance

    God bless you for giving Chance his 2nd (and probably 3rd, 4th and 5th) chance at a wonderful life! He's beautiful. It's a wonderful story.

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    Chance, you are truly a remarkable kitty. The cat gods were working overtime with you and your mom and you are such a handsome fella.

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    I know Chance and his "mom." I work with his Mom and met Chance the day she took him in. She came in to the office and said "look what I have" and there all snuggled inside her vest was this little gray kitten. He was so tiny and so sweet. I am so very happy that he overcame his start in life and became such a beautiful strong boy. I know his "Mom" really loves him.

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    Yours is truly a remarkable story, and how fortunate for you that Cindy, the Vet and everyone else involved took a "chance" on saving your life. You are a brave and determined kitty and all has turned out so beautifully! To our most deserving COTD Chance with such an appropriate name, I wish you and your loving guardian a very long life together and a wonderful celebration in your honour!

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    A very happy Cat of the Day to you, precious Chance!!! I was so touched by your story, and your heart melting photo! Oh, what a miracle kitty you are Chance! We can't thank enough, your wonderful Mommy for giving you a second chance at a happy life! And major thanks to your original rescuers, and to your dedicated vet, who never gave up on you! You are truly a fighter, Chance; and a heroic survivor of the highest order! You may have have what others consider a physical challenge, a handicap. But as your proud person says, after surviving all that you have, every moment of life is a moment to be cherished and savored; enjoyed to the fullest! Hope you're enjoying a very happy "top cat: day, basking in the spotlight with your loving family and furry pals; being spoiled and loved to pieces! And mustn't forget, heartfelt wishes for a very happy 1st (the first of many) birthday next week, Chance!!! What a momentous milestone, andatr all that you've been through, truly a time for celebration! Lots of love and cuddles to you precious Chance, our very special and most deserving, Cat of the Day!

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    What a beautiful story yours is, and what a brave little fighter you are sweetie! I can't imagine how hard it must have been for you to survive as a tiny baby under those terrible conditions
    But thank God for your mom Cindy, who believed in you and gave you the love and care you needed to get another chance in life

    You are now a big one year old healthy boy, with a happy ending story!! For that you are our most deserving COTD

    My best wishes for many more years full of health and joy for you with your loving mom

    Lots of kisses!!

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    Aw, handsome brave Chance, I'm all awash in tears from reading your story!!!

    What a fighter you are indeed. I'm so glad you are safe and loved beyond your wildest dreams now. You deserve nothing less! I hope you and your loving mom are enjoying your special day to the fullest.

    Congratulations, sweetie, on being our special Cat of the Day!!!
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    Handsome Chance! What a wonderful story on a rainy Memorial Day. Happy Cat of the Day to you, sweet boy, and a very long, happy life!
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    What a beautiful boy!

    And what a purrfect name you have. You are adoreable and look ALOT like my Mr. Jinx. I rescued him from the streets, also at about six weeks old, but it was in the fall, so, other than scared and starving, he was OK. Thank God that you ended up with your Momma, she was His choice for you. What a wonderful story. I can hardly keep from crying here. I know you will be a big Momma's baby forever, and such a sweetheart. Live long little tuxxie, and God Bless you both.

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    Hello Chance,

    You are a very handsome boy with the most beautiful eyes.
    In your picture you look like a very old soul who is wise beyond your years.
    It is a pleasure to meet you Chance and congratulate you on being our
    most deserving CAT OF THE DAY. I wish you a lifetime of health and happiness.
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    Oh, Chance! What a beautiful boy you are! You may have lost one of your nine lives while you were out in the frost-biting cold, but I believe you got it back when you were rescued by your angels-on-earth. You deserve sunshine and warmth all the rest of your life, just as you deserve to be our Cat of the Day today and always.

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    We miss you. Play gently until we meet again.

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    Chance, your story has won over all of our hearts. May you live a long, happy life with your meowmie who loves you so very much!
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    Chance, you are one very special baby who has gone through the most difficult of times. But you have come through with flying colours and bring so much joy and love to your owners.

    They certainly have lavished the utmost care and attention on you to make sure that you suffered as little as possible as a result of your most difficult time as a tiny kitten.

    Cats can never be spoiled enough and my 4 furrbabies and I wish you all the treats you can eat, and all the cuddles and noserubs you can fit in one day as our very special Cat of the Day, the great survivor, Chance.

    Angel, Puddy and Tinkerbell

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    Cheers for Chance!

    Wow---what a trooper you are, Chance! After all that you've been through, you are now happy and upbeat!
    Kudos to your humans for saving you and taking care of you...after all - all you needed was a chance...

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    Another Chance!

    And a heartwarming story like ours-- our "Chance" was a tiny orange kitten with one bad eye, who was dumped in our neighborhood- he and a sibling (who disappeared, never did know whatever happened to him) just appeared one day, lonely and hungry and frightened - he was terrified, other ferals in the area kept running him away from food we put out and treeing him and trying to assassinate him- he finally came and talked to me for a half-hour, keeping his distance, then sort of gave up and came and flopped on the ground at my feet and let me pick him up- and he was MINE..... he's still here, he'll never have the sight in that one eye (probable childhood injury plus kaliki virus, heavy scar tissue) but he's a sweet, loving, playful, WONDERFUL fur-child now- he got HIS second Chance too! Congrats to this Chance on COTD from OUR "Chance"!

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