So a friend gave me am idea and it was the dogs bath weekend anyway, as it was heartowrm treatment day and everyone gets a bath, pedicure, ears cleaned, anal glands expressed( if they need them, lol). So I wanted to see what everyone had to think of Penny, as long as she stays seizure free, tomorrow she will be 5 weeks free, she will be going to the Cleburne show to be in Judge's Choice and I think I may take my two little nieces to let the oldest one show her in Jr. handler's. Her and Penny have a special bond for some reason, lol.

***PLEASE remember that Penny has had a hard life and used to weigh in at 97lbs, the ADBA show she will be in is just for fun, Phoebe is my show girl for the ADBA and y'all have to wait til the show . The boys were none to happy, they are not used to having me stack them, Orion more so, but Demon is coming along, i think, boy is driving me crazy, please excuse my face, Demon broke my nose about 10 days ago

Phoenix, weighing in at 69lbs and 5 1/2 year old -
He is not big on me doing this, but the hot dog in my hand helped,lol -

This is what the rest looked like, he just wanted the hot dog, lol

Penny, weighing in at her lowest weight at 60lbs & 4 yrs. 6wks old -
too stretched in this one, we were getting warmed up, lol -

fixed her paws and these are the ones I got, lol -

more to come....