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Thread: Bengal Ban update

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    Bengal Ban update

    I guess there was enough squawking (or Mrrrowing!) from the TV coverage that our animal control idiots here in Denver reacted... they gave the poor Bengal's daddy an extra week to get the cat, a very fine specimen named Clyde, a new home out of the city. As my husband pointed out, every "domestic" critter in the world has "wild" ancestry. Clyde's "great, great grandaddy" was a leopard cat...I think that makes Clyde about 1/64th "wild," doesn't it?

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    Man people are really stupid! Bengals are awesome!! My friend has a little 5 pounder and she's so sweet!!

    I love my furkid Neko!

    ^TAMA^ 8/24/00 - 4/27/12 Thank you for being in my life I love you always and forever

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    It is cruel to both! I would move out of the city if I had to separate from one of my fur-kids and it would break their heart as well as mine. Neko, your friend's Bengal is a cutie.

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