She found me, one evening, as I was coming home from a walk. But I don't want a cat! Ok, I'll give you some balogna and some milk and you have to leave. I don't want a cat! Ok, so you can sleep in a box on my porch for tonight. But now I can't go to sleep worrying you might be in the road. Ok, so you can stay in the basement, one night and then out you go. I don't want a cat! In the morning, I didn't want to check on you. As I ate my breakfast, a tiny paw was moving under the basement door. But I don't want a cat! Ok, so you can stay in the garage while I work today and I will find you a home.
That evening, I walked you door to door to find your owner. Each neighbor said you didn't belong to them and when I asked if they wanted you, the doors closed in my face. I must find you a home! I don't want a cat! Surely my big dog will kill you and you will eat my guinea pig!

Well, turned out that big dog loved you and you were best of friends and you even loved the guinea pig. I even got you a friend, another cat. Over 10 years later, you where still here. But I didn't want a cat!
So now, cancer takes you away from me, much too young. Cats can live so much longer. You truly lived up to your name. You were the wildest kitten ever! It was easy to see you adored me, maybe because I took you off the street, even when I didn't want a cat...

Sassy was PTS this morning. I don't know what I'll do without her. She was one cool cat.

I will always love you Sassy. I will miss you. 8/5/99-5/24/10