So today was the day, Penny & I got up early, I fed her her am feeding let her outside to potty, put her medicine on her and we loaded up in the car to take the 45minute drive to our vet. We had to wait, Penny is such a good girl, this is the second time in two weeks that people in the waiting room have told me how well mannered she is and how well she minds. THAT makes me so proud. She is a very well behaved girl, even when Doc is lookin at her "who-who". So it's finally our turn and off we go. We get in there and Doc tells me he has no funny jokes for me this visit, lol.

He does a slight physical and expresses her anal glands, I told him I had plans to do that this weekend as it is heartworm treatment weekend but thank you, now I don't have to do it Then he got down to business, he did a skin scraping and even did a scraping from inside her vulva, but he told me that it isn't cancer but he's gonna send these off just in case, so now I have to wait another week for the results cause he has to send them to Texas A&M for analysis, but he said it looked 1,000 times better, and he seems to think it is a staff infection, thank you OllietheMutt for the info, he said I have great friends on the net

So now the wait for the results but he said to keep putting her ointment on her and she should be good in about a week or so. OMG I didn't sleep last night, this has been the longest two weeks of my life and I never want to have to go thru this again, I would much rather deal with her seizures anyday then have to worry about this. SO YAY!!!!! NO CANCER!!!!!