It's been a while!

I think I gave an update about 2 years ago but a lot has changed.

In 2007 I moved out of my parentís house and bought a townhouse with my then fiancť.

We got married on 4/18/2009.

When I left, my parents would not let me take any of the pups, so Sylvia, Harley, Morty and Jimmy are with them and I see them about twice a week.

In December 2007 we adopted Billy and Willy. They were about 5 years old at the time and had to be adopted together. Billy is a min pin that in 2005 was mauled by a GSD and walks with a limp. His leg has blood flow but he cannot move it. Willy is his slightly younger (a few months) fox terrier brother. Willy is a total daddy's boy and is my husband's shadow.

In June 2008 we adopted Wally, who is usually known as Walter. He's a puppy mill rescue Chihuahua that lived his 1st 5 or 6 years in a cage so small that I had to teach him how to walk. His back legs did not work at all and he'd drag his back end. He had rotten teeth, a hole in his ear where his tag was and burns on his feet. He is now doing really well and lives like a king. Right now he has a neck injury, I think from the dog park. My hubby is taking him for a checkup today. I think he will be ok.

In Sept 2009 we started fostering Buddy. Buddy is about 11 years old. He's a Chow/Sheppard and has bad hips. His original foster mom was losing her home and he was going to have to live in the kennels. We took him. He's on Rimadyl and glucosamine every day. It's expensive but the shelter was paying for it until January 2010 when we adopted him!

So now between my house and my parentís house there are 8 spoiled dogs! Guess who watches my boys when we go out of town

I bring my boys to my parents at least once a week. It's like having your own personal dog park!

I hope everyone is doing well!