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Thread: Pet of the Day rabbits...

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    Pet of the Day rabbits...

    ...I am intrigued: I have the impression there are more rabbits from GERMANY than from any other country as Pet of the Day, are there? Or is it me?

    I have nothing against rabbits, German or not, but this is just something I noticed. I was wondering if there is a specific reason for it? Do many Germans have a rabbit for pet, or are there more German breeds?

    I hope this question was not asked before, I rarely venture into Pet General

    Anyway, I LOVE rabbits, and I love seeing them as Pet of the Day, they are all so cute

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    From what I can tell by the nominations we get, rabbits and guinea pigs are equally popular as pets in Germany, but that is only based on the number of nominations we get! Lops are often a French breed, and some dwarf rabbits are Netherland Dwarf rabbits, so the breeds aren't german, but that's okay! And we don't often get Flemish Giants nominated, but they are from Belgium!
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    Thanks Karen! Flemish giants are impressive, I think I only saw them on TV or Internet, but I'd like to meet one for real

    I had a rabbit when I was a kid (together with Guinea pics). I don't know the breed, he was just a big white albino rabbit. He lived with us for 8 years and was originally intended to be eaten . My grandfather was breeding some, as it was usual at that time in the countryside, and gave us the rabbit, alive. But when we arrived home, nobody was volunteer to kill him and he lived a happy life with our doggy. Then some time later he also had a guinea pig for companion. The piggy died before him, and rabbit (Jeannot was his name) was very sad, so we brought him another friend. That's his life, for short!

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    Paws up for Bunny Pets of the Day from Germany and everywhere! I love bunnies!
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