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Thread: Car seat covers?

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    Car seat covers?

    Do you have car seat covers and if so:
    which ones ( provide a link if you can) and do you like them?

    I just ordered a hammock for the back:

    and a front passenger seat cover:

    Once I have the hammock, I am thinking I will just put the back seats down for the summer, and have the hammock cover to prevent them from falling to the floor. Need to see i I can anchor it to work that way or not.

    After I ordered the front sear cover, I got to thinking, my driver seat could use a cover too! Not necessarily a DOG seat cover. I may try the one I've ordered on my side first.

    Anyway, just wondering what you use?

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    I've been wanting to buy one... but I just don't know which one and how much money I'm willing to spend on it.
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    Mister rides in a car seat. So I don't have a need for seat covers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr.chiwawa View Post
    Mister rides in a car seat. So I don't have a need for seat covers.
    Oh love the pics. Very good of you to put the little guy in a seat.

    I never had seat covers when Casey was with me. I usually put down a comforter or sheet to protect the seat.

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    I have custom car seat covers for the front seats. Never got one for the back, but I do have a hammock for the back seat. I got it at Target for $20. It was just luck that I found it randomly on a shelf where it didn't belong. But I love it!
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    I have Soggy Dog seat covers for the back seats. I believe they're made in Vancouver but I think they ship too. I paid about $50-60 and it was totally worth it! Nothing gets through them.. water, mud, hair - None of it!

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    That's a replica of what we have in case it starts raining or the dogs get to go swimming. Love them.

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    I could never get 4 dog seats in the car, and then they would all want to sit where the other pup was!

    Soggy Dog lol what a name!

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    I have Digi's travel crate in the back seat (the top is in the bottom so it looks like just the bottom 1/2 of the crate) as shes the type to run around, even with her doggie seat belt on.. She wont jump out of the crate & I fine she'll passout faster on long trips. However her hair is still all over the place as I don't have seat covers :P

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