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Thread: Ziggy - Flame Point Siamese Up for Adoption Anyone Anyone????

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    I'm starting to post up flyers but so far no luck.

    I really want him to get adopted out. He has a vet appt. on Thursday to make sure his neuter surgery went well and for an all over check up. If you know of anyone who would like a Flame Point Siamese let me know.


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    Well the most nasty thing happened the other night. My husband was calling Ziggy and I saw something sticking out of his butt. Well I wasn't sure what it was so I told my husband to grab him and he did and I went to pull on it with a tissue and some of it broke off and went back in.


    So I called Shirley to ask her about this and she said she thinks its a tapeworm and I asked her doesn't pyrantel take care of that and she said she suggested I save the sample that I got (which is a good thing because I tossed it out) and I took it to the vets last night and they weren't 100% sure it was a tap worm but the vet said it wouldn't hurt to give him the pill so I gave him one last night and in another 3 weeks I'll give him the other pill.

    He goes to the vets Thursday night and we will be checking his eye out to see if it needs surgery or not.

    Would anyone like to adopt this sweetheart??

    He has been out in our living room since last Friday and he's been having a blast so far. He started playing with some of the toys now and 3 of our guys don't really care for him, I'm not sure if it's because he still smells like a male cat or not. He loves attention too just wants to be petted and everything, he really is a good boy.


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    Ziggy went to the vets last night for his 2 week checkup from his neutering and the vet said his area is looking good

    As for his on eye, the vet wants to give him another month to put on some more weight because if she does this tuck surgery and if he puts on weight he's have to have it redone but she said it looks like he will need the surgery for his eye.

    I'm currently looking for a home for him and figured after he has this eye surgery if he has to then I'll adopt him out after that's over. But for right now he's at our place just chilling out.


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