with being treated very badly. I've been documenting all the incidents that have gone one including being told why my clothes are too big because it looks like I'm hiding something (accusations of stealing perhaps???) and not being trusted (again, accusing me of stealing perhaps) at customer service, a job that I worked at for 4 years. All of a sudden they don't trust me?

I went back to my register absolutely fuming, getting a knot in my stomach. I kept mulling it around in my mind for 2 more hours, is my mental health worth a stinking $38 every 2 weeks? Oh hell no!!! I finally resigned stating medical reasons. I'm going to my doctor on Wednesday and getting another note to send to Corporate along with a letter of everything that went on.

I've had stellar reviews (okay so my attendance wasn't that great, but I had legitimate reasons). They stated that I knew the procedures well, had great customer service abilities and was always on time, and would come in when someone called out.

I have a worker's comp claim when I slipped on a piece of toulle (bridal veil) hitting my tailbone on the concrete. It's never been the same.

I was treated very badly and am not taking this laying down.