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Thread: A Minnie Miracle?

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    A Minnie Miracle?

    Some of you might recall that I have a semi- feral cat, Minnie, that has lived under my bed for at least 6 years(after living in the basement and a closet for 3 before that ).
    Anyhow, I have tried many things to bring Minnie out of her clam shell. I finally resolved myself to the fact that living under my bed, with nocturnal trips out and about, might be as good as it gets.
    Minnie will let me pick her up, though she tries to get away, and is very tense when I groom her. There has been no contact initiated by Mins, ever.
    The last few months, I have noticed her peek out from under the bed while I am in the room, and while she would slowly go back under the bed if I approached, she wouldn't dart back under. At times, she has stayed still, about 3 or 4 feet from me when I would put food down, but nearly always went back under the bed at the last moment. A few weeks ago, she began eating while I was still right there. I had never tried to touch her before, and did this one time. She darted.
    This am, I got up at the crack of you know what. It was 430, and Mins was sitting on the cat bed at the window, looking outside the open window. She knew I was up, she saw and heard me get out of bed. I just kind of ignored her, and picked up the room a bit. I was standing by her, she was still laying there. I made a slow move towards her, she did NOTHING evasive. Mins let me pet her. For the first time in nearly 9 YEARS! I could hardly contain my emotions. 9 Years. She purred and drooled, both of which she has done before while I have petted her, she stood up and sought out the pets, something I have thought she has wanted to do for awhile, and would nearly do while hunched over, but still turn away. She was letting me pet her just like the others would do. It was so unreal. I did so for 5 or 6 minutes, and slowly backed off. She stayed up there for a few more minutes, then scurried away. I haven't seen her since.

    I so want this to be the breakthrough I have prayed for, that Mins joins us for love, LIGHT, and fresh air all the time.

    It is so hard to express the hugeness of this mornings event. 9 years.

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    AWWW! I can just imagine how HUGE that felt - especially to Minnie.

    Prayers that this is her breakthrough for many more years of loving!
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    Awwww! Seems Minnie needs to process things for a long time before she gets brave enough to try new things. Hopefully, once she's process this outing, she'll do it more often.

    Cammie isn't a recluse but after 7 years, she still growls and hisses at me if I pet her or pick her up. She's absolutely in love with my husband.

    Minnie gives me hope that she'll accept me one of these days.
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    I completely understand how amazing that it. Abby lived under the bed for a year when we first got Callie. I was jumping for joy the first day she came out... a year later, she finally jumps ON the bed (in fact just started it this week and stayed on the bed for ten minutes today!!!) I can only imagine 9 years of her hiding under the bed. I'd be unimginably thrilled to see such an unexpected change in behavior.

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    Concatulatios! wow you are patient for nine years. Kudos to you and Miss Min Sunshine and happiness always!

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    I feel tears running down my cheek here- yes I think we CAN understand a little bit of this. And now she hides as if she is scared of herself - but she will come back

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    Brings tears to the eyes.... I can only hope that my Jorgie will allow me to do that to him some day. 6 years and his behavior is almost like your Minnie's. Maybe some of them do come around after all!

    Congrats to Minnie!!!
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    Aw, I love stories such as this. My Yodie was the same way for years, although not quite as fearful as Minnie, but pet her, hold her? No way. About a month ago she actually sat on my lap for at least half an hour. I don't know what brought it on and I don't care. It was wonderful. She hasn't done it since but I just know she will. Minnie has made a breakthrough and we're looking forward to more good reports. This is huge!

    "Time and unforeseen occurrence befall us all." Ecclesiastes 9:11

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barbara View Post
    And now she hides as if she is scared of herself - but she will come back
    Barbara- this is exactly it! Last night, she sat on the window seat around 9 or so- that is 'early' for her. Jonah decided he would try to pet her and got within a foot, and she hopped off to the chest- but- didn't immediately dart under the bed (but did, in a minute).

    This am, she remained under the bed at wet food time...which is not totally unusual, but, was a bit upsetting to me. I expected a difference.

    So, I will stay with my typical routine, and try not to 'rush' Very hard for me.

    Thanks for the well-wishes- including the one from FB .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cataholic View Post
    Thanks for the well-wishes- including the one from FB .
    That's what brought me over here! I had to find out what all the excitement was about. I am THRILLED for you. And I totally agree, continue your normal routine and let her continue to come 'out of her shell' on her time.

    Some cat's take minutes, others take months, and then there are the one's that take 9 years. It just makes the gift even more special. I would have cried, I'm such a mush for this type of thing.

    I have a friend who adopted two semi-feral cats - a brother and sister. She has had them for close to 7 years. She still can't pick up either of them and they are still skittish. BUT, if she lies down, or sits on the floor, they have come around and will let you pet them and talk to them. It's just when you stand up that they back off (and then run to the closet).

    It's wonderful to hear that you gave her the space she needed......she just beats to a different drum.
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    Isn't it grand how a moment in time makes such a huge difference I hope Min gets addicted to hugs and cuddles - she has a lot of catching up to do. I am so happy for both of you
    Yours in Whiskers

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    This is wonderful and exciting news!!! Hopefully she'll continue to let you pet her more often and will learn to love it so much that her fear will vanish.

    Although my Ziggy isn't feral she's a very shy cat. It took her about 3 years to finally feel comfortable in her home and to start hanging out with me and her siblings more often. She used to just be more of a loner most of the time. Now she loves coming up to me for pets and she's purrs her little heart out. The last few nights she's even been sleeping on my bed while I'm in it which is unusual for her. My only problem is that now Storm seems very jealous of her and he's been bullying her. He also did this with Sky when he started coming to me for pets and loving. Ziggy will still hide when any one comes over though and she most likely always will.
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    That is so wonderful.

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    Near 3 years later...

    So, OK. I might have expected a miracle too soon.

    The current update on Minnie- she will now come out from under the bed most mornings AND evenings, especially when I am filling the food bowl that I have for her in there. She 90% of the time actively waits, if not comes to me, for pets. It is bizarre. I will come in the room sometimes at 4 in the afternoon, and she will be out on the floor, just looking at me. She purrs, still drools, and while I can't get her to sleep with me, I know she now likes and wants my attention. If that stinker hears the dry foot treat bag? She stands in my door way.

    Not bad for a 11 year (this month) process. Not bad at all.

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    This is so wonderful! Thank you so much, Cataholic.

    Minnie has been coming around at her own speed.. and she has good reasons in her distant past for taking this long. God bless you for letting her live at her own pace and loving her. She loves you back in the ways she is able to.

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