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Thread: New pics from the farm

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    New pics from the farm

    Its been a long time since I've posted some pics of my dad's farm! I sure miss being there but I enjoy the pictures he sends me. Here's some pictures of his calves and baby llama. I saw them last December, but they've gotten bigger since then!

    Charlie the llama

    This is Lucy the Scottish Highlander calf

    Buford, the male Scottish Highlander

    Lily, she's a Texas Longhorn calf

    Lily and Buford

    Close-up of Charlie

    The cows can be a bit intimidating at first, but they're as sweet as can be. They enjoy being brushed and petted. Buford is acting up with all his 'teenage' hormones lately, with Spring coming. Charlie is a bit shy, but cute as can be!


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    Awww, Scottish Highlander cattle always make me smile! Thanks for sharing, and love to all the critters from us!
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    Awee they are all so Cute & Adorable.. I just love the Scottish Highlanders.. I could just cuddle up to them.. great pics thanks

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    What adorable animals! Thanks for sharing them!
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    So cute, so cute, so cute. I want to grab them all and kiss em.

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    Thanks for the comments everyone The Scottish Highlanders are losing hair by the bunches because of Spring coming. My dad was brushing them the other day and filled a whole garbage can with all the hair!


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    Wow that's a lot of hair. I never thought about their shedding before.

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