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    Well, I am attempting to be back again. I want to change my display name though, so there might be a second post sometime down the road.
    For those of you who either do not remember me or do not know me, my name is Stephanie. My username Jesse_3 was from my beautiful dog Jesse who only had three legs. She has since been put down to my great dismay, and will always be loved and remembered. I am out on my own, and have a wonderful ferret! His name is Aero, and he means the world to me! I have also just found a baby kitty (approximately 4 months.) I found him under a big pick-up on Sunday 3/14, brought him into the vet the next morning only to find that some inhumane person has poured acid down his throat which caused his emaciation and stench and pain. He has over this week been recovering wonderfully. He has just started eating hard food and loves life. His name is Pisces (Pi for short, Pi is the algebraic sign that equals 3.14 and Pisces in the horoscope that he fits into.) Please keep your fingers crossed that his recovery keeps progressing this well!!
    As far as everything else goes, I work full-time as a supervisor for a care facility that assists developmentally challenged people. I have 7 guys and one girl that I assist. I do like my job, most days.

    I hope that I can come to pet talk at least once a week, for I have no internet or wi-fi, soooooo that makes it more difficult! I look forward to meeting everyone and reconnecting with some of you!!!

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    Good to hear from you again, how terrible what someone did to your found kitty! We'll keep Pisces in our prayers.
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