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Thread: I can't find this Cat Toy Anymore! I'm looking for some help! (Mystery Triangle)

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    I can't find this Cat Toy Anymore! I'm looking for some help! (Mystery Triangle)

    Hi All-

    As you know we have that sweet/bad kitten Apollo although right now he is sick but hopefully he'll get some meds at the vets and feel better. Anyway, when he was a baby I bought him a toy from Walmart it was on clerance for $3 or such. Anyway it was called Mystery Triangle but I can't remember the brand and he had such a good time with that. He had so much fun in it and bouncing it around but sadly it got ripped several places and I had to toss it back in January. I've been on the search for this toy ever since and I can't find it. I checked Walmart and found a cube replacement but it's so cheap that they destroyed it in a few hours and now I had to toss that one away.

    I've attached a picture of it with Apollo in it but I would really like to find the same thing again and I've searched the internet like crazy but can't find it. (Sorry it's not a great picture but I'll have to look at my other pictures on my home computer to see if I have anymore from 09).

    Anyone know of any stores near them that sell this cat toy?

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