Hi there,

I'm Silke, 19, living with 3 cat's (Sloeberke, Orli and Sil), 2 ferrets (Nacho and slayer), a dog (Sanka) and 4 bunnies (Wizzy, Woppy, Wooza and Hopla).
I met this forum thanks to Lut, who's already a member here, and just like her I live in Belgium.
I graduated from high school (I think it's high school here) in animal care. Soon I'll start with courses to become dog behaviour therapist, cat behaviour therapist and dog instructor. Reptiles are also a passion of mine.

Untill my courses start I'll be doing some volunteering in the Netherlands.

That's the most importent I guess...
Please don't mind my spelling, I have dislexia so my spelling won't be perfect..

Looking forward to get to know all of you