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Thread: Kitten with High White Cell Count

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    Kitten with High White Cell Count

    Has anyone ever had a kitten who went through a long process of antibiotics to help with a high white cell count. At 12 weeks of age he was running a fever and the vet decided to run blood-work. He had already been tested for FIV/FLV. The tests showed an elevated white cell count. He was placed on Clavamox for two weeks and had to be retested after two weeks. After two weeks the test results now showed he was mildly anemic and he still had an elevated white cell count. He was again placed on Clavamox. The blood-work was repeated every two weeks and he continued on a regimen of antibiotics (Clavamox) for four more weeks with a little improvement. The vet decided to get things moving more quickly to put him on a stronger antibiotic, unfortunately, he reacted badly to it and was put back on Clavamox for only one week this time. Well, after being off Clavamox for a week he went back to the vet for more blood-work. His white cell count is higher than ever so she took x-rays to see if he may have an infection going on somewhere in his bones, etc. - nothing showed, so she put him on Clindamycin and he is to return in two weeks. She said he may or may not have Toxoplasmosis. His name is Oliver and he is a rescue kitten that I have been taking care of, along with his sister, since he was one day old. His sister is completely fine, but Oliver shows no sign of being sick. He is, however, preservative and grain sensitive so he is eating EVO canned and dry food. I think he is starting to outgrow the grain sensitivity as he does sneak some of my other cats prescription urinary food. The vet says any cat can eat the prescription urinary food so I am not worried about it. Any input would be greatly appreciated as I am certain Oliver is getting tired of being jabbed every two weeks to draw blood and, until he has a completely clean bill of health, cannot go to a permanent forever home.

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    We had a few toxo+ cats while I was in school that showed no signs or symptoms; they simply had it and could shed the disease.

    My sister had a new kitten she adopted from a shelter and when bringing him to be neutered with her voucher, they did pre-anesthetic bloodwork and found him to have an unusually high WBC count as well, however, he did not have a fever or any other signs to indicate why that would be. He, too, was placed on antibiotics for a week or two, postponing the surgery until he was finished with the meds. They did another CBC after the antibiotics and while the WBC count was still high, it was lower than the previous bloodwork, and they went ahead with the surgery. She did inform me, though, that the vet was interested in sending off some blood to a specialist and do a study with him. I'm not sure of details other than that, as I don't believe she went through with it.

    I know that isn't any help, but he is not toxo+ either, and is otherwise happy and healthy today with no medical problems aside from just having an unusually high WBC count.


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    Purrayers for wee Oliver from all of us in RI - it sure isn't fun getting those jabs, nor is it fun taking that yucky Clavamox!

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    Do you think the kitten could have feline leukemia? Having no other symptoms but the high white count seems odd.

    I've been frosted--- thank you Cassie'smom

    I've been Boo'd----

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