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Thread: Great Dane in the need of a home, Ohio-Done!

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    Great Dane in the need of a home, Ohio-Done!

    This is the hardest post I have ever had to write, through my tears I will do my best at finishing it. Trinity our female Great Dane is the love of my life, I can't imagine living without her. Trinity and our male Dane Griffin have gotten into fights twice in the last six months and they got into a fight again. We have consulted an animal behaviorist, tried Prozac, tethering and everything we can do to keep them at bay and we have failed. Trinity is a wonderful dog and we LOVE her to pieces, but she just needs to be in a single dog home. She is not people aggressive and our vet said that she would work out great for someone that didn't have any other dogs. I always told myself I could do everything in my power and never re-home any of our dogs under any circumstances, but this is just not fair to Griffin or our other two dogs. My biggest fear is not finding a home that will spoil her and give her the love that she needs. She is like a kid to me and that will never change. I have written some information below all about her.

    My vet said that he would be happy to be a reference to anyone that is interested in taking her. He has known her since we got her at 8 weeks old. She just turned 4 on November 6th. Trinity Lady Love, was born 11-06-2005.She's a female, blue great Dane, registered AKC, approx 30" tall and 134 lbs. She has a slightly dialated heart of which she is on medication (approx $20 a month) I also get a EKG ran once a year (approx $75) to check for progression. We have two other dogs in the house and she is fine with the other two, but only has a problem with one. We have taken her to dog parks and she has acted fine. The aggression only happens within her own territory, and with Griffin. She is not people aggressive and not known to be child- aggressive. If you are looking for a pup-kid and just one to spoil to pieces and that will give you endless love in return, she will be perfect for you. It is not fair for her or Griffin to keep her in the situation she is in.

    The home has to be indoors and no other dogs, they have to promise me that they will give her her heart medication and follow up on heart. She is also on Proin (approx. $20 a mo.) that eliminates a very slight incontinence issue due to being spayed at 6 mo. of age. By taking Proin it completely resolves this condition. We also have been giving her glucosamine/chondroitin and fish oil vitamins every day (to keep her healthy). I would appreciate if they could continue that as well. She is currently eating Purina One dog food and does very well on that. If you know of anyone that would give her a loving forever home please contact me. We will be happy to give our vet references that will tell you anything you need to know about her behavior, health, or any other questions. We just want her in the home that she deserves, it's not fair for her to continue on this track in her life. Here is a photo album of our precious little girl:

    Thank you, and please, if you can help us out I would be forever grateful. We love this girl and that will never change. Feel free to contact me [email protected].

    Sadly, Heidi
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