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    Hi I am a cat mom to 2 wonderfull cat kids Honey she is4months old. And TomTom he is 4years old. He is what I call a tuxido cat because he is black and white. Honey is multicoulerd. I luv them like my kids.

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    Hi, welcome to the forum. I know you'll like it here because there's so many nice folks here. I don't have a cat but once my first chihuahua that I owned was mistaken for a cat by a little girl walking by with her mom, she said "mommy look at that funny looking cat".

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    Welcome Josie glad you decided to join us on Pet talk. This is a great community so I think you will be happy in this group. I own a dog Koko and two cats Rascal a tux and Kallie a calico. Koko and Rascal are best of friends and if they aren't sleeping together on the couch they are tearing up the house playing. Koko is a 100 lbs and Rascal maybe ten but Rascal plays like he is every bit as big a Koko. We will need pictures of your furkids. You can see pictures of mine in my profile.
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    And the CREW says WELCOME. We need pictures
    GILL & Crew;

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