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Thread: Tofu's New Fishy Tank!

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    Tofu's New Fishy Tank!

    I got home from fish tank shopping at the store earlier, and I finally finished setting up and decorating Tofu's new fish tank! He has been living in a 2 gallon (I thought it was 2.5, but I think it's actually only 2) bowl for a while now, and I really wanted to upgrade him to something better. So I went to Walmart and picked up this tank set:

    I love it! And I think Tofu does too. He's swimming all around, and looks to really be enjoying his new fishy home.

    Tofu says, look how much room I have now!

    "I'z a happeh fishy!"

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    He's a beautiful fish. I'm sure he loves his new home. I think bettas get fungus so easily because they aren't able to swim around in their little bowls at all. Does the new tank have a heater?
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    Oh wow, that tank is really neat looking! You did a good job decorating, and I bet Tofu thinks he is in fishy heaven lol.

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    What a great tank set up for your little guy, i bet he will love it.

    I too was wondering if he has a heater?
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    Thanks everyone, Tofu really is loving his new tank.

    Yes, it has a heater. The photo's were taken within minutes of setting the tank up and putting Tofu in it. A heater was placed in his tank shortly after.

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    Even if he didn't have a heater, judging by the thermometer in the last picture the tank temp is fine.

    He looks very happy with is awesome new setup!

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