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Thread: Pua Tamandua

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    I love Pua! I always enjoy seeing videos of her moving around.
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    Happy Valentines day

    thank you

    Yes she loves to run on the trails. 3/4 of the walk is usually her running the trails then she likes to explore a little more.

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    Oh wow it's been awhile so there are several links full of photos.

    Lots of my dogs and cats in this one but Pua got some gifts too and there are videos of her

    She was tired out after her walk and was literally asleep on her feet

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    Pua your such a Sweetie Cutie Pie.. I always just Love seeing you.. Bring on more videos & pics.. many thanks for sharing..

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    Pua, I could watch you forever.

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    Awww, pretty Pua, good to see you! We have missed you!
    I've Been Frosted

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    Good to see more pics of you Pua!!!
    Forever in my heart...

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