Here is a breed you may not know... The Highland Lynx (and Desert Lynx). Known as Highlander under TICA.

Here is an old picture of our male (he was 5 months old)

Here is a picture of one of our female (she was really young on that one)

And a picture of another of our female (really young too).

Our updated pictures are not yet on our website as our male is now almost 3 years and our females are almost 2 years old.

Highland Lynx has curled ears (backward curl not frontward like the Foldex), short tail and sometimes the tail is rumpy like our female on the second picture. They most of the time have big paws (polydactyle) as you can see on the male picture. They are like dogs... they play, cuddle, ask for attention, fetch... they "talk" to you want they want something... They're quite amazing cats! It's a dog in a cat body.

They have multiple patterns and furr colors. The male (Simba) is Charcoal/Silver Clouded leopard. The first female (Coccinelle, in French, means Lady Bug) is Bronze Leopard and the second femaile (Zarina) is also bronze leopard. We have silver leopard, snow leopard, bronze clouded leopard and ticked.

We are breaders from Quebec, Canada.

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