Hello All,
I know that this question has been submitted over and over again, but I do need help.
I have 3 large Rotties who have a severe corn allergy. I have tried several foods over the years and my choices and bank account keep getting smaller and smaller.
I have used and given up on all the Nutro - NutroMax products.
I like the Natural Way Lassie brand but it is so hard to find in my part of the country. Only 1 store carries it and they are out most of the time. (Meijers)
I also like the Nature's Recipe brand, but their cost is going up and up.
I need a good alternative that isn't going to cost an arm and a leg.

I have looked at almost every website there is and can't find one that will give me a good price on food and comes with free shipping. Price may be OK, but shipping for a 40 or 50 lb. bag just kills it.
I do wind up cooking for them quite often, but with 350+ lbs. of dog to feed that can get VERY pricey too.
Any/All suggestions and advice will be greatly appreciated.