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Thread: Dog Food Questions Again I Know, But I need help!!!

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    Dog Food Questions Again I Know, But I need help!!!

    Hello All,
    I know that this question has been submitted over and over again, but I do need help.
    I have 3 large Rotties who have a severe corn allergy. I have tried several foods over the years and my choices and bank account keep getting smaller and smaller.
    I have used and given up on all the Nutro - NutroMax products.
    I like the Natural Way Lassie brand but it is so hard to find in my part of the country. Only 1 store carries it and they are out most of the time. (Meijers)
    I also like the Nature's Recipe brand, but their cost is going up and up.
    I need a good alternative that isn't going to cost an arm and a leg.

    I have looked at almost every website there is and can't find one that will give me a good price on food and comes with free shipping. Price may be OK, but shipping for a 40 or 50 lb. bag just kills it.
    I do wind up cooking for them quite often, but with 350+ lbs. of dog to feed that can get VERY pricey too.
    Any/All suggestions and advice will be greatly appreciated.


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    Where are you located? Is there a "feed store" nearby that might be able to order the food in bulk, and get a discount for you?
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    I'm in the Northwest suburbs of Illinois. McHenry County. I don't know of any feed stores, but we do have a large farming community nearby. That's a real good idea.


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    Farming stores are always way less. And so you know, the better brand of dog food you get, the less of it they have to eat because the less fillers they have. All good brands of dog food should be devoid of corn because corn is not anything for a dog. They are carnivores. It's just a way to make the dog feel full. Dogs get their energy from meat, not carbs. So if possible, go grain free! A lot of dogs end up with grain intolerances too. The cheapest grain free I know of is Taste of the Wild. Remy eats this. The price at PSP is about 40 dollars for 30 lbs but at a farm store it's only 38 for 30 lbs. Good deal! She loves it and she gets no ear or urinary tract infections anymore. (I believe it's because of the carbs)

    Do you have a Costco? They have a Kirkland brand made by Diamond. I hear it's pretty darn good food for the price. It's super cheap too! Like... 23 bucks for a 40 lbs bag. That's a deal! They also started a new brand that is pretty cheap, and I'm pretty sure it's grain free... It's called Nature's Domain and may be just a bit more... but you probably could get away with feeding less since it has no grains that will go right through your dog.
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    If your dogs are allergic to corn, try to find a food that is specific for
    food allergies. Natural Balance makes food specific allergy foods with
    very few ingredients but they are not cheap.
    Once you find a good food for allergies, ask the dog food company for coupons.
    (some of them will give $ off coupons which helps a little.)
    Some stores and dog food companies also have a frequent buyer plan,
    when you buy up to 10 bags you get one free.
    Also the feed/pet stores sometimes will run specials too.


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    Seems like everyone already suggested anything I thought of --
    - feed supply stores
    - Natural Balance LID (limited ingredient food) here is a link:

    - Cooking or them, which you said you do already quite often. I recently found this book at my library, decided I liked it so I bought it:
    The Whole Food Diet by Andi Brown

    She includes recipes, and discusses which food / herb does what.

    Good luck!

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