Hello all! Longtime reader, first time posting. Well..my name is Josh I'm from Indianapolis, IN. I have just one furkid named "Sookie" she is a short haired cat.

Sookies mother got into my brothers garage. My brother is the kind of guy, when he comes home from work he likes to stay out in his garage with the door open while he's playing pool or watching some game on TV.

One day my brother called me, and wanted me to come over to his place. So I did. He started moving some items around then he told me to ;look back there. So I did, and I seen the mother and 3 very small kittens. None of them looked like they were in very good health. But..they pulled at my brothers heart strings, so he kept em in hes garage for many weeks. Ever night when he got home he would open the garage door and they all would run out and play, but there mother would watch them at all time, and bring them back in if they started to go to far.

One day my brother called me and asked if I wanted to come over and pick out a kitten. I was like "Hmmm...O...k..

All the way there I was thinking " I've never had a cat or been around one for a longtime"

Well, I got to his house. All the cats were out playing in the driveway.
he yelled to me "pick one" after watching them for a while I pick the small back & calico one, and named her "Sookie".

Sook so far has changed my life mostly for good, but some days its like omg wtf did you just do / whats broke / what do I have to clean up now.

PS: when I learn to post pics I will, just don't know what I'am doing wrong atm.