Hello everyone here at pet talk. Been lurking here for a while now figured I'd go ahead and sign up. Seems like a really good place to talk with people about our beloved pets and I love the variety of breeds here. I look foward to learn from other people about their dogs and other animals.

That being said I grew up with a few different breeds of dogs, a couple rottweilers, couple mutts and a pommeranian. Now im a bit older, married and have a wonderful 3 year old daughter. I own 2 American Pitt Bull Terriers, both of which are rescues, one 9 month old female and one 5 month old male. I grew up fascinated with this breed and couldn't see myself owning anything else at this time.

I guess thats enough for now, I look forward to checking the place out and being able to respond to people now that I am becoming a member.