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Thread: Just welcoming myself aboard

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    Just welcoming myself aboard

    Hello everyone here at pet talk. Been lurking here for a while now figured I'd go ahead and sign up. Seems like a really good place to talk with people about our beloved pets and I love the variety of breeds here. I look foward to learn from other people about their dogs and other animals.

    That being said I grew up with a few different breeds of dogs, a couple rottweilers, couple mutts and a pommeranian. Now im a bit older, married and have a wonderful 3 year old daughter. I own 2 American Pitt Bull Terriers, both of which are rescues, one 9 month old female and one 5 month old male. I grew up fascinated with this breed and couldn't see myself owning anything else at this time.

    I guess thats enough for now, I look forward to checking the place out and being able to respond to people now that I am becoming a member.

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    Welcome to Pet Talk, be prepared to be asked for pictures!

    My name is Karen, I am one of the moderators, and my most recent pet was Miss Hoppy, the bunny you see in my avatar. She's now at the Rainbow Bridge.
    I've Been Frosted

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    wheres the best place to post pictures?

    just make a thread in general dog talk?

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    Yes, for dog pictures, a thread in Dog General! How they came to be yours - as you say they are both rescues - would be nice to hear, in that thread!
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    Hey Aidan welcome to the site! Yes, the General Dog section is where we do the photo dumps!

    Quote Originally Posted by cane76 View Post
    Google that b*tches
    I've been listening to the music, and I have to go see what it's like. Maybe I'll value what I have more when I come back. -Doug

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    Welcome to Pet Talk! Great meeting you, and getting to know your Bull Terriors.

    My name is Willie, and I own two cats, and one dog.


    P.S. Karen, I didn't know Miss Hoppy had passed! I really hate to hear this news.

    Thank You, kittycats_delight for my new siggy!!!

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    Welcome to the site from one newbie to another!

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