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Thread: need help in form of loving home[s]

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    need help in form of loving home[s]

    Hello everyone

    My name is sarah and this is my first time posting on POTD.
    I have found myself in a troubling situation regarding my mom, and I literally cannot do this alone.
    My mom started out having only a couple of cats, but we were in a neighborhood where there were a small handful of fixed strays that a few of the neighbors would feed. Well, in the past year, all the other neighbors that had been feeding the neighborhood cats moved away, and new neighbors have moved in that hate cats, and loudly talk at night about how they wish they could kill all the cats in various ways.
    Anyway, there was one ferile cat that nobody could catch, whom the neighborhood dubbed "mamacat" with good reason. She had 2 litters of kittens before we could trap her and have her fixed. Also, in between her 2 litters, one of my cats(that had been rescued as a kitten and was still very young, so we hadnt thought to fix her yet) had a litter.
    So, practically all at once, we had around twenty cats.
    As soon as they were old enough, we had them all fixed and given shots, (which would have been impossibly expensive had we not found the right people-with-a-purpose..)
    Only now that everyone is fixed, they have pretty much invited themselves in and scratch at the door and cry to be let it, and my mom doesn't have the heart to reject them, so she spends all of her energy and money making sure these cats have a home. She is a single mom, and in the past year (especially the past couple months, now that the kittens have gotten a little bigger) I have watched her struggle with this situation more and more.
    My mom keeps a nice home, but it is too much work for her, and I am afraid that once the cats are full grown, she will really lose her mind from the stress of it. It is so hectic, and I am constantly worried about our neighbors doing something to harm them.
    I am so afraid for my mother's happiness, and the safety of our feline family members, that it is impossible for me to be happy myself. My boyfriend and I have agreed to take 3 cats, but we cannot take any more. My mom would not tolerate the idea of putting them in a shelter to be caged, when she offers them a loving home.
    I hate the idea myself. But even if I take 3, there is hardly even a dent in this problem.
    I know everyone on this site is a trustworthy person when it comes to caring for animals, and I must say that I need your help.

    Please, if you are considering adoption, or if you know anybody that could offer a loving home, consider me. All cats are fixed and have had shots, and are all litter box trained. None are completely full grown, but all are very affectionate and have vivid, wonderful personalities.
    we do suggest or prefer that they go in pairs, because they are very attached to each other, or at least used to having lots of company....

    Thank you.

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    You didn't mention your location. Are you in the U.S.? City and state?

    No one can begin to help, if no one knows where you are.
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    I'm in Louisiana, on the northshore

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    On the northshore of what? Have you listed the kitties on
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    in louisiana, the northshore is just above lake ponchartrain (whereas new orleans would be the southshore). i've never heard of petfinder, so not yet. so far i've just hung fliers at school and work, but theyve been there for a while.

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    I know your mom is against taking them to a shelter. But do you have any no-kill shelters near you? This way you know they will go to a home. And with them being young they are more likely to be adopted than adult cats.

    I am thinking about a cat in my near future, but you are too far away. Good luck, and thank you for helping these kitties and your mom.
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    Taz_Zoee Your not too far away. I brought my Penny in from California. Distance is never a problem. This past Sunday I took a fur baby to Mass. in the snow storm. Things can be done.
    Pet finder would be a great place to post. There are a number of rescue groups that watch it.
    Too give you an idea my CREW:
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    I think you should search out some rescue Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah, call the local humane society, contact a television program with a pet friendly attitude. One of our local TV stations does a Monday adopt-a-pet thingy each week.

    Is Banfield the pet clinic/food store in your area? Contact them.
    Ask these people for help....that you are in over your head, tell them what you have done, get some local exposure. THAT will be your best shot.

    Good luck, and bless you for stepping forward.

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