I had to laugh at the "distressed baby" story in the news.

(One of the mucky mucks at AOL made a statement about having to pay out a million dollars in insurance for a child that was born prematurely-it also had something to do with a new 401k plan the company was to introduce but I don't care about that part of the story.......)

What is a 'distressed baby' and when did the preemie tag get changed?


Everytime I hear and see names/tags/titles get changed I have to stop, listen and try and figure out WTF people are talking about.

Like the health care "navigators" you can call to get help.

Navigate? No, I just want someone to answer my call and help me.

Growing up, drunks were drunks.

Now we have to call them "abusers" because they might be hurt and maybe start to 'self medicate'?