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I look at "Mutts" every day (I get it by e-mail), and I love it too, Elyse. And the "Shelter Stories" (which he does every year) also make me very sad, for the same reason. I want to bring every one of them home, too.

Dear Mr. O'Donnell --- Your "Shelter Stories" are making me cry. Today's strip (Philo) just did me in. When I adopted my kitty it was with the understanding that she would be an "only", a promise I've kept all these years. But your "Shelter Stories" make me want to go to the shelter right now and bring all the waiting animals home. I love "Mutts"!

It's an amazing feeling to know I am actually succeeding as a Science major with a 3.6 GPA overall
Congratulations, Alysser! Well done!

My dad has a bird feeder in the back yard and he and my mom enjoy watching the birds as they visit. (And the kitties too ) Today they saw a rose-breasted grosbeak (sp?) in the grass under the feeder.