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    ** note** january 9/2010 => i uploaded 2 more pictures of my guinea pigs
    the orangey white colored guinea i have uploaded there is starting to get his fur back on his right cheek, his fur is covering it but anyway :\ i saw him at petsmart while getting my guinea pig supplies, and saw the missing patch of fur and dried blood there, :\ he's been doing good since i took him home and his fur is growing back

    oh this page is awesome

    anyway, my name is jade, I'm from vancouver, bc

    i have three guinea pigs at the moment,

    button, peanut, and cheesecake
    female, female, neutered male

    getting another one as soon as i can find a teddy guinea pig breeder o.o
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    Welcome to Pet Talk. I hope you enjoy it here. I also hope you have pictures to post because we love seeing pictures of pets here!

    I love guinea pigs! I owned 3 of them over the course of 10 years. I even had one of the cats (Dusty) when I had the last one. After that I seemed to become a cat magnet for unwanted cats. lol

    My g.p.'s names were: (all males)

    Piggy (black English/American) - passed at 3 yrs old 1988-1991

    Cinnamon (mixed/ wht body with cinnamon spot around one eye, drk brwn around the other) - passed at 3 years old 1991-1994

    Sam (silver Agouti) - passed at 7 years old 1991-1998

    RIP Dusty July 2007 RIP Sabrina June 2011 RIP Jack 2013

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    Welcome to Pet Talk!
    I've Been Frosted

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    ! :)

    thanks! for the welcome and i'll post some pictures as soon as i finish building my
    cage well my bigger one

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    And a BIG WELLCOME from the CREW. I had a guinea pig years ago Zelda she lived to the ripe old age of 14.
    GILL & Crew;


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