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Thread: Hey group I'm marty from other forums

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    Hey group I'm marty from other forums

    I'm well known by some and hated by others, I chose to own the most
    mis-understood breed in the world, I had my own forum till I let my son take back over it... its an educational site about APBTs, all dog forums like this?

    I do them too... I helped build I'm also a member of so I'm not a newbie so don't try to make me out to be one, I'm a 52 yr old man and been in APBTs for over 25 yrs, my dogs are well known all over the world as show dogs not fighters... Ive been known for many a yrs by PETA , HSUS, FBI, GBI, John Goodwin and all the AR nutts and no! I do not stand behind them infact I have welcomed them to my home and they have yet to come see me LOL

    More to come and I'll answer any of your questions
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